Friday, September 10, 2010

How is a Vote Against Congressman John Tierney a Vote Against Nancy Pelosi?


congressman john tierney looking defeated
Congressman John Tierney of the 6th Congressional District in Massachusetts CAN be beaten.

Maybe incumbents like Senator Barney Frank won't be easily voted out this time around. Maybe Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi won't go so easily this time around either, but there IS another way to defeat them: REMOVE ONE OF THEIR LOCK-STEP COLLABORATORS WHO CAN BE BEATEN (Congressman Tierney) AND REPLACE HIM WITH A SMALL GOVERNMENT FISCAL CONSERVATIVE COMMITTED TO CUTTING SPENDING AND REPEALING THE RIDICULOUS HEALTH CARE REFORM LEGISLATION THEY JAMMED DOWN ALL OUR THROATS.

nancy pelosi looking dejected

Let's say you're absolutely horrified... not necessarily with Democrats, in general, but definitively with the Washingtonian incumbent Democrats who claimed they were given a mandate by the American people to right all the wrongs in Washington, yet who only made it worse. They promised unparalleled transparency, yet through all kinds of backdoor dealings, Madame Speaker Pelosi, Senator Harry Reid and hundreds of Congressmen and women, including John Tierney, ignored YOU, and forced the most burdensome health care reform legislation down our throats while quadrupling the federal defecit.

Hello? And guess who was riding alongside her every step of the way?


And when sought for spirited discourse by his constituents, Congressman Tierney did what most of the incumbent Washington insiders were doing at the time: running, avoiding, hiding, and blaming. Who taught him this? Was it John Tierney's former Chief of Staff from 2001-2005....


Even if you live outside the 6th Congressional District of Massachusetts, or Nancy Pelosi's district, you can still help defeat her, and her influence, by helping to defeat incumbent Congressman John Tierney who is very close with Pelosi, had her daughter for Chief of Staff, and continues to vote with her every step of the way.

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