Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Congressman John Tierney Double-Speak on Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT)

congressman john tierney doublespeak on dadt, don't ask don't tell
In a recent article titled, "Tierney, Hudak answer 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'" on "Wicked Local: Ipswich", Congressman John Tierney and his rapidly gaining challenger, Bill Hudak (6th Congressional District of Massachusetts), were both asked what they thought of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" rule.

Bill Hudak answered in a straightforward manner,
Only if the military can be certain that it will not undermine our military preparedness. The policy does not prohibit military service by anyone.
bill hudak on dadt, don't ask don't tell
Liberal commenters, naturally, tried to spin it by saying, "Wrong, Mr. Hudak, people who admit they are gay are prevented."  To the bleeding heart, that might seem true but, speaking from logic, Mr. Hudak is correct in his straightforwardness -- no one can be prevented.  If one breaks the military's rule, they can be penalized but, otherwise, there is no preventing against service.  Gays won't be asked about their sexuality, and if they do not offer it up, they can serve.  No prevention.

Admittedly, it might not be fair that gays can't openly admit their sexuality but if the accusation is that the rule PREVENTS gays from serving, it does not.  Despite the seeming unfairness, gays who don't admit their sexuality are able to serve.

But in comes incumbent Congressman John Tierney with a typical round of "political doublespeak",
I support repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ As we work toward that goal, Secretary Gates is conducting an internal Defense Department review to confirm that the repeal will not impact military readiness, recruitment and retention.
In other words, John Tierney wants the benefit of saying he supports repealing it but, immediately after, he makes it conditional by tying it to Secretary Gates' internal Defense Department review.  You can't be for repealing it, or working toward that goal, if the Secretary determines a negative impact.  So, if Secretary Gates' internal review determines that a repeal of DADT will "impact military readiness, recruitment, and detention", then, in the warm, fuzzy, two-faced vernacular of Tierney's liberal counterpart, Sen. John Kerry....

....Congressman John Tierney will have been
FOR repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Or, perchance you see things quite differently?  If so, do tell!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Exposing the Hypocrisy in Congressman John Tierney's Invitation to Debate

Congressman John Tierney caught lying in open invitation to debate
Congressman John Tierney
says debate is good but
has a history of dodging it
On September 10, 2010, incumbent Congressman, John Tierney issued what appeared to be a formal invitation to debate the winner of the Republican primary in the 6th Congressional District of Massachusetts.

Barring divine intervention, that winner is going to be Bill Hudak.

In his formal invitation to debate, Congressman Tierney states:
"I believe strongly that the voters of the Sixth Congressional District deserve to have the issues debated by the candidates who seek to represent them. Despite the efforts of one of you, I am disappointed there has not been a debate before your Republican primary election."
Congressman Tierney feigns disappointment, subtly referencing Bill Hudak having not debated his opponent.  Tierney's hypocrisy is evident when one realizes that a mere four years prior, Black & Right states in, "John Tierney:  Coward in the House", that Tierney openly dodged 4 requests for a debate by his then challenger, Rick Barton.

The article states,
Barton is justifiably frustrated, Congressman John Tierney has refused to participate in any of the four debates that have been requested by The League of Women Voters chapters in Bedford and Cape Ann, B’nai B’rith of Beverly, and the Brooksby Village Retirement Community. In a move, clearly designed to hide from his voting record and position on the issues, Mr. Tierney is denying the voters of this district an opportunity to judge for themselves who would best serve this district in Washington. Furthermore, he has failed to live up to his stated positions prior to his election to office.
That behavior is in DIRECT contrast to what Congressman Tierney stated in his formal invitation to debate the winner of the Republican primary.  Tierney says one thing, but does the other...

John Tierney continues
Vigorous debate is essential for the voters to understand the choices in this election  ..... I sincerely hope that you will recognize the importance and value of debating the issues to the voters of the Sixth Congressional District.
Black & Right's article continues,
There is no reason an incumbent need indulge a challenger and participate in a debate. Submitting to a debate has numerous potential pitfalls for an incumbent.
There has been no reason for Hudak to debate his Republican opponent for Hudak has already worked tirelessly in other ways that have gotten the word out and proven him the best Republican candidate.  Hudak also offered numerous "informal" invitations for Tierney to debate, as well, which went ignored.
  • Answer:  Because Bill Hudak's message is the one getting all the attention because it's the one that resonates most with the American public.  And Congressman John Tierney knows he can't run any more.  He has no choice but to answer to the American taxpayer now and Bill Hudak is going to conduct that interview!
Before ending this post, here are a few more examples of John Tierney's hypocrisy:
On Tierney’s website section on “Veterans” it says, Congressman Tierney is a strong supporter of protecting and expanding military retiree benefits for our veterans. He is a co-sponsor of H.R. 515, legislation that seeks to provide health care coverage to all military retirees by making money available to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to meet the needs of the new veterans of our most recent wars. He is also an original co-sponsor of H.R. 2131, the New GI Bill of Rights for the 21st Century, which seeks to improve benefits for members of the Armed Forces, veterans, and their dependents and survivors.”....

Barton responded, “Among those appropriations he voted against was the incr
ease in death benefits for military family survivors from $12,000 to $100,000. Additionally, in a floor speech on June 15, 2006, he criticized the administration for sending troops into harms way without adequate body or vehicle armor. This was truly an amazing statement in view of his vote against $686 million for body and vehicle armor in March of 2005. His most recent votes against the Military Commission Act, Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act, Secure Fence Act, and Immigration Law Enforcement Act show a clear disregard for the security of our nation.” ~ John Tierney:  Coward in the House

 Click Here to See Bill Hudak's Message
and Help Defeat John Tierney!

Friday, September 10, 2010

How is a Vote Against Congressman John Tierney a Vote Against Nancy Pelosi?


congressman john tierney looking defeated
Congressman John Tierney of the 6th Congressional District in Massachusetts CAN be beaten.

Maybe incumbents like Senator Barney Frank won't be easily voted out this time around. Maybe Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi won't go so easily this time around either, but there IS another way to defeat them: REMOVE ONE OF THEIR LOCK-STEP COLLABORATORS WHO CAN BE BEATEN (Congressman Tierney) AND REPLACE HIM WITH A SMALL GOVERNMENT FISCAL CONSERVATIVE COMMITTED TO CUTTING SPENDING AND REPEALING THE RIDICULOUS HEALTH CARE REFORM LEGISLATION THEY JAMMED DOWN ALL OUR THROATS.

nancy pelosi looking dejected

Let's say you're absolutely horrified... not necessarily with Democrats, in general, but definitively with the Washingtonian incumbent Democrats who claimed they were given a mandate by the American people to right all the wrongs in Washington, yet who only made it worse. They promised unparalleled transparency, yet through all kinds of backdoor dealings, Madame Speaker Pelosi, Senator Harry Reid and hundreds of Congressmen and women, including John Tierney, ignored YOU, and forced the most burdensome health care reform legislation down our throats while quadrupling the federal defecit.

Hello? And guess who was riding alongside her every step of the way?


And when sought for spirited discourse by his constituents, Congressman Tierney did what most of the incumbent Washington insiders were doing at the time: running, avoiding, hiding, and blaming. Who taught him this? Was it John Tierney's former Chief of Staff from 2001-2005....


Even if you live outside the 6th Congressional District of Massachusetts, or Nancy Pelosi's district, you can still help defeat her, and her influence, by helping to defeat incumbent Congressman John Tierney who is very close with Pelosi, had her daughter for Chief of Staff, and continues to vote with her every step of the way.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Congressman John Tierney, Where Are You?!?!?

Congressman John Tierney is nowhere to be found as Bill Hudak and Citizens for Limited Taxation seek him for a spirited discussion
Where's Congressman John Tierney when you need him?

Whether it's controversial legislation such as Obama's health care reform package being tyrannically forced down the throats of the American people via a controversial use of the Sen. Byrd rule (aka reconciliation, aka nuclear option); or, not supporting responsible fatherhood in a bill (H RES 318) that both Democrats AND Republicans agreed upon in true bipartisan fashion, incumbent Congressman, John Tierney, can be a pretty tough guy to find.

In fact, when Bill Hudak, candidate for the 6th Congressional district of Massachusetts, and a whole lot of people interested in meeting with incumbent John Tierney for a spirited debate, arrived at Tierney's office to ask why Tierney appeared to be dodging the matter, Tierney's response was not one of profound sympathy and respect for the onslaught of taxation and bureaucracy with which his constituents were about to be saddled.  Instead, he summoned a flash mob of supporters to rush down to his office to oppose them.

Imagine that.

incumbent congressman John Tierney avoiding supporters
Instead of just bravely showing up and doing his civic duty in the usual "Town Hall" fashion, Tierney went so far as to instigate a showdown which, were it not for the peaceful intent of Bill Hudak and the rest of the crowd, could have had unfortunate consequences.  Fortunately, none of those seeking Tierney were attacked, or goaded into a melee.  But why would Tierney shirk his duty and, instead, aim to incite a confrontation?

So, if you're wondering why Congressman John Tierney might be dodging concerned citizens of Massachusetts, or ducking a spirited debate with congressional candidate Bill Hudak, don't just take this author's word for it, have a look at what another constituent has to say at DumpJohnTierney.  And if you think you've had enough of being taxed into oblivion by an incumbent who has voted in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi on most, if not all, issues, then visit Bill Hudak for Congress and start helping America dig its way out of John Tierney's fiscal nightmare.

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